Reiki Practitioner

Thought of being a Reiki Practitioner?

For some of us, Reiki is not just about the blissful experience of receiving a Reiki treatment, it is also about the privilege and joy of witnessing the calmness and peace Reiki brings to others.

To be attuned to Reiki and know you will always be able to call in and connect with that energy for the rest of your life is a precious gift and a humbling experience to be treasured.

The attuning process in Reiki has the same basic structure regardless of the style or lineage. How it is taught, and the training content will vary from one Master to another, as they bring their own style of teaching, devotion, and respect for this subtle, gentle, but powerful healing modality.

It is only when one begins to teach anything that a deeper understanding of the subject develops as we learn how to pass this knowledge on to others through working and learning from and with our students.

Once you are attuned to Reiki you can work on channeling healing for others and yourself. It is an important practice for Reiki practitioners to regularly use Reiki on themselves for healing, aligning, and bringing balance to their entire “being”- mind body, and soul in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This is just one great benefit of being trained/attuned in Reiki. You get to share this healing energy with friends and family – as well as clients if you choose to work it in with your existing business or start up a business as a Reiki practitioner.

As Practitioners we are not giving of ourselves, we are a channel for this infinite energy to be passed through us to our client. We have no idea, how Reiki will be working or what it is working on, and it is not for us as a practitioner to know. It is energy prescribed by the infinite for our client and we deliver it.

The more people out there sharing Reiki, the better – this is what the world needs now even more than ever.