Stressed, Have problems with no solutions?

Reiki is about relaxing and letting go of all the negative energies, feelings, and pain on all levels. We do not need this energy as it impacts our holistic health and well-being.

As Reiki comes through the practitioner and then out through their hands to the client, Reiki works its way through the client, on all levels of their being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki can strengthen and heal the body to regain the natural harmony between these aspects. Like the cogs in machinery, if one cog is not performing it affects all the cogs, and so it is with our body and our energy systems.

Everything is energy, including our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes, and they all have an impact on how we feel emotionally. As Reiki works on the emotional level, it can lift our moods, thoughts, and attitudes. Reiki is intelligent energy working on all levels simultaneously bringing balance as it works “multi-tasking” across our being. The decisions we make about how we respond to situations are directly related to where our thoughts and moods are. Regular Reiki sessions maintain our body in a place of feeling uplifted and not burdened with stress, allowing us to respond from a place of emotional balance.

As Reiki works on our emotional level, it provides opportunities for us to change how we feel and think about our problems. In this relaxed state, Reiki supports us in multi-level thinking, and we can “see” other alternatives as our thinking shifts from Emotional-based thinking to Spiritually inspired thinking which is when the magic of creativity begins to flow. We then see things not so much as problems, but as opportunities to grow and turn life into opportunities to create “Amazingness.”