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Feeling stressed, tired, lethargic or depressed? Suffering from insomnia, headaches, sciatica, sore neck, back or shoulders? Whether your pain is physical or emotional, experience deep relaxation and rejuvenate with a Namaste Remedial or Relaxation therapy, catering for your specific needs.


Looking for and introduction to massage, energy work, Reiki or crystals? Or are you wanting to add a modality that supports and enhances what you already do? Courses range from one day to six months. No prior knowledge required. All students needs are catered for.

Shirley Green
Remedial Massage Therapist | Reiki Master

Shirley Green

Shirley Green owner/therapist is a talented and qualified massage therapist and Reiki Master Teacher, with over 20 years experience. She is passionate about her work and feels it is important for clients to be heard. A therapy is something that is discussed before it starts and is formulated in consultation with the client, ensuring it caters for the needs of the client at that particular time.

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Tune Up

Tailored to your needs, this targets specific aches, pains and tired muscles. Always includes the back and feet.

Total Body Treatment

A luxurious full body massage including aromatherapy and hot towel treatment. A favourite with my regular clients.


This hot towel treatment focuses on the hands, feet, neck, head and face. Just great for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Feet Treat

Experience a relaxing foot therapy of massage and hot towels. A great “pick me up” on all levels.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Feel more grounded and connected with these tailored sessions. Available online or in person.

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This relaxing hot towel head, neck and facial massage will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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Experience a one hour healing technique that balances, aligns and restores vitality to mind, body and soul, while you remain fully clothed.


Reiki, Massage & Energy Therapy Courses

Our courses are designed to be fun, enjoyable and practical. Not sure which course? We welcome your enquiry to discuss what suits your needs.

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Client Comments


Lynn Pollard

I became a caregiver for a dear friend who turned to Reiki to assist her with her post-operative phantom limb pain and ongoing infection, after suffering an accident some years ago, involving several surgeries. The medication her GP prescribed was insufficient for her pain and the quality of life she needed to move forward. However her weekly Reiki sessions turned her life around and she benefited greatly, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally from these sessions. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Shirley as your Reiki practitioner.


Justine Laidlaw

Shirley is amazing at intuitively connecting with your body and knows exactly what needs to be healed. Every time I left I would feel like a new person, relaxed, calm and with a peaceful mind. I felt totally nurtured and cared for, her massages are just sublime



Shirley is a welcoming teacher. She is approachable and goes out of her way even after the course is finished to send Reiki. While I as going through my first 21 day cleanse Shirley provided distance healing to support me. It was much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki. She not only teaches you the content but also welcomes you into her home and shares her personal stories and experiences working with Reiki. The quality of teaching is exemplary and the written manuals gave me valuable material to refer to later. Since doing Reiki I have felt more emotional balance especially after doing the Level 2 course. I would recommend working with Shirley for anyone that would like to learn Reiki. Thank you Shirley for this valuable experience and I look forward to work with you in future courses and yes next level of Reiki.


Allanah Young

I have known Shirley Green for over ten years, and was taken through my Reki one to Reki three A courses with Shirley as my teacher. I then went on to do a de Mousgraffe Massage course, again with Shirley as my teacher. I have found her to be a caring, informative, organised, reliable and fun teacher, and would gladly recommend her, and any of her courses to anybody interested in doing a course with her.


Amanda J

I have enjoyed such a wonderful experience at the Namaste clinic. Every massage has not only been incredibly relaxing, but also so healing and rejuvenating. I would highly recommend

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