This meditation is an opportunity to have a taste of connecting with the Infinite, through your intuition. You will find a calmness and peace that is within all of us. It is a great space to empty your mind of thoughts, worries and fears, allowing yourself to “be”. Even when there is not calm and peace around us, you can always find it within.

If you would like to go into the meditation with a particular focus of wanting an answer to a question, clarity on an issue, or looking for ideas/creativity, then take this intention into the meditation with you.

Whatever your focus is, just relax and enjoy the quietening of your mind and the releasing on all levels.

Be sure to listen to the meditation right to the end where I will tell you how to work your way back out. Be open to having thoughts come to you for up to 2-3 days or maybe longer after the meditation. Listen to this meditation as often as you like.

Relax and Enjoy.


I would like to acknowledge and dearly thank Dandelion Meditation for the use of their music.


An individualised meditation can be a part of an intuitive healing session which can be either on line or in person at the clinic.

The namaste clinic experience

Client Comments


Lynn Pollard

I became a caregiver for a dear friend who turned to Reiki to assist her with her post-operative phantom limb pain and ongoing infection, after suffering an accident some years ago, involving several surgeries. The medication her GP prescribed was insufficient for her pain and the quality of life she needed to move forward. However her weekly Reiki sessions turned her life around and she benefited greatly, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally from these sessions. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Shirley as your Reiki practitioner.


Justine Laidlaw

Shirley is amazing at intuitively connecting with your body and knows exactly what needs to be healed. Every time I left I would feel like a new person, relaxed, calm and with a peaceful mind. I felt totally nurtured and cared for, her massages are just sublime

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