Reiki and Crystal Therapy

Reiki and crystal therapy combined is a great way to receive a gentle, yet powerful healing.  The use of Reiki and crystals allows the two forms of energy to complement each other, delivering a therapy rich in healing.

Crystals (or gems as some people call the cut and polished forms of crystals) have an energy that we can benefit from.  Holding crystals or placing them on or close to the body promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, as we allow the energy from these minerals to permeate our invisible, spiritual, or subtle energy system which not only surrounds our physical body as an aura, but also the field of energy known as our chakras, which are situated down the center of our body following the spine. Energy flows out from these chakras or epicenters via nadi, or channels throughout the body. These nadis are the meridians, which relate to various organ systems and in turn our emotions.

Reiki and crystal therapy combined allow our system to assimilate the energy from the crystals with ease as the Reiki moves through our energy, opening, balancing, and allowing our system to be more receptive to the crystal energy as we relax.

Reiki and crystal therapy are used frequently, because of the heightened benefit from combining the two healing modalities. The client or practitioner can choose several crystals to form a layout around the client. I usually ask the client to choose from a selection of crystals, in the clinic. I ask that they choose crystals that they “like” or are “drawn to” as often these are the minerals or energy their system needs. Reiki and crystal therapy is a way for people to be involved in their healing. Choosing the crystals themselves allows them to listen to their intuition.

Every Reiki and crystal therapy will be different as our energy requirements change. This will be reflected in their choice of crystals at each appointment. Reiki and crystal therapy allow each energy to change as they both adjust to work in harmony.

Reiki and crystal therapy is such a wonderful uplifting treatment, bringing vibrancy and health, yet relaxing, calming, and healing. It is a wonderful way to experience the healing of two amazing modalities simultaneously.