Namaste Clinic Courses

Whether you want to learn to heal yourself and your family or achieve a professional qualification, we offer courses to suit all needs. Shirley Green our tutor is a qualified teacher who has trained people of all ages and levels of experience. The courses are professional and manuals are provided. The courses are practical and fun, ranging from 1-2 day courses to a full 6 month qualification. Have friends who are interested too? Enrol together and have fun learning! Not sure which course is for you? Contact Shirley to discuss your needs.

A great course to learn to massage using techniques to relax family and friends. Relieve their tired, stress and sore muscles! We cover preparation (and relaxing ourselves) before giving a massage and how to conclude a massage.

3 days $320

Wonderful for relaxation, self healing, or to use with family or friends. Develop skills and awareness to raise, balance and clear energy using a variety of techniques – crystals, polarity meditation and chakra work.

1 day $110

Your friends and family will experience total bliss! Learn to give a relaxing therapy/ massage for the feet which teaches you to use oils and “hot towel therapy”, along with some  pressure points for releasing.

1 day  $110

Are you feeling stressed, aching or tired? Discover how self massage and care can soothe mental and physical tension away. This course will give you the tools to treat aching tight, sore and tired muscles, through a self massage that covers most regions of the body.

1 day $110

Seeking a professional qualification, or just wanting to really pamper your friends and family? This course is a journey of learning and self development.

This full body massage incorporates aspects of Acupressure, Polarity Reflexology and Aromatherapy. We also include working with energy in the aura and meridians and how to integrate intuitive massage and energy work. Breathing techniques, meditation and tips for starting a business all contribute to your personal growth experience.

6 months – 26 weeks (1 day a week attendance) $2890 

(Payment options available including Early Bird discount contact Shirley)

For those who already have the Diploma in the de Mousgraffe Method of Healing and feel the need to “refresh” their memory and connect with the essence of the method again. A full manual is included in this course. Proof of original diploma and teacher essential.

7 days attendance (over a period of up to 6 months) $895

Want to learn a natural hands on healing therapy that allows the free flow of Universal Energy? This Japanese technique which promotes healing through deep relaxation, is an amazingly simple technique to learn. It is taught in levels or degrees. You need no prior knowledge or experience to complete the first level (degree), however to progress through the levels you must have completed the previous level. A full manual is included for each level.

  • Reiki I - 2 days $280
  • Reiki II - 2 days $280
  • Reiki 3A - 1 day $380
  • Reiki Master - 1 day $720
  • Reiki Master Teacher - 1 day $720

Namaste Clinic offer flexible course hours and dates. We are happy to cater for parents with school age children. 


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REIKI ll (Second Degree)

Monday & Tuesday, January 8th & 9th January. 
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The namaste clinic experience

Client Comments



Shirley is a welcoming teacher. She is approachable and goes out of her way even after the course is finished to send Reiki. While I as going through my first 21 day cleanse Shirley provided distance healing to support me. It was much appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed both Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki. She not only teaches you the content but also welcomes you into her home and shares her personal stories and experiences working with Reiki. The quality of teaching is exemplary and the written manuals gave me valuable material to refer to later. Since doing Reiki I have felt more emotional balance especially after doing the Level 2 course. I would recommend working with Shirley for anyone that would like to learn Reiki. Thank you Shirley for this valuable experience and I look forward to work with you in future courses and yes next level of Reiki.


Allanah Young

I have known Shirley Green for over ten years, and was taken through my Reki one to Reki three A courses with Shirley as my teacher. I then went on to do a de Mousgraffe Massage course, again with Shirley as my teacher. I have found her to be a caring, informative, organised, reliable and fun teacher, and would gladly recommend her, and any of her courses to anybody interested in doing a course with her.