Reiki and Massage

Reiki and massage are a beautiful way to combine two healing modalities that deliver to the client the ultimate healing experience, as it draws from two of the best forms of relaxation and healing.

Reiki and Massage is a treatment or therapy where the therapist delivers a massage and at the same time is connected to the Healing energy source of Reiki, therefore Reiki is being channeled through the practitioner while they are working. Reiki is a self-tracking, intelligent, healing energy that once activated and the channel is kept open will continue to flow.

Reiki and massage combined not only offer the client an opportunity to experience both the deep relaxation of Reiki which opens the physical body and energy system to allow the opportunity for balance and releasing to occur on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, it also offers the benefit of massage and the healing that this brings, along with the use of oils and essential oils.

Reiki and massage complement each other as Reiki works through our energy system to bring balance through relaxation which allows releasing, massage is simultaneously working primarily on the physical body, releasing tightness with many techniques that encourage the body to relax, release, and “let go”. Immediately we can see the connection- Reiki and Massage Relax, release, and “let go”. Both modalities work together to achieve a result on a deeper level and more quickly as they complement and enhance the work each does. We must never underestimate the body’s ability to heal itself – we just need to give it the opportunity.

Reiki and massage is a gentle relaxing subtle but powerful therapy that delivers what your body needs at the time of the treatment. Reiki and massage combined is a great way of using these two modalities to deliver a therapy that gives the ultimate experience of each modality as they support and work together bringing a double dose of healing.

Reiki and Massage – Absolute magic !!