Reiki and Spiritual Energy Reading

Reiki and Spiritual Energy are an interesting way to experience the bliss of a Reiki treatment which relaxes and balances your entire being on all levels, allowing it to release that which you no longer need, but also allowing the practitioner to pass on to you a “reading” of your energy.

A Reiki and Spiritual energy reading is a session where the client receives Reiki and then the practitioner “reads the client’s energy”, passing on to them what they read from your energy. A card reader reads your cards when you go to them for a reading and in a similar way some practitioners can read your energy while they are working in and with your energy field channeling Reiki.

A Reiki and Spiritual energy reading is beneficial if you are feeling stressed, tired, depressed, lethargic, or have a sense that something is missing, or that you are lacking purpose or direction, feeling indecisive and “out of sorts”. A Reiki and Spiritual energy reading not only allows your entire being to relax and rebalance, but while the practitioner is channeling, they will be open to receiving any insights that come through them as they work. These insights can be in the form of images, messages, feelings, or in a way Spirit chooses to communicate.

A Reiki and Spiritual Energy reading usually takes the form of one hour of Reiki in which crystals may be used, followed by 30 or 60 minutes of sharing insights and information communicated to the practitioner during and after the Reiki treatment.

A Reiki and Spiritual Energy Reading is a double dip, where you get the full benefit of a Reiki treatment and have a reading to follow, which can have the effect on the client of finding parts of their life jigsaw puzzle. A Reiki and Spiritual Energy Reading gives great results. Feel great about yourself, where you are, and where you are heading when you combine Reiki with a Spiritual Energy reading.