Aromatherapy Massage and Stress

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage and Stress

Aromatherapy massage is a wonderful blend of massage and aromatherapy. The client experiences the ultimate relaxation, body balancing, and healing, along with pain relief, which all leaves the client feeling rejuvenated and free from stress. Both massage and aromatherapy are well-known for reducing stress as they allow the body to release on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. If you are stressed, then an Aromatherapy massage is for you.

Essential oils

It is common to find that a blend of 2-4 essential oils is used in an aromatherapy massage. This blending of essential oils enables the therapist to cater to a variety of the client’s needs. Essential oils help relieve a variety of conditions including, depression, muscle pain, stress, anxiety, low immune, fibromyalgia, insomnia, women’s hormonal imbalance, headaches, and sore neck and shoulders.

When receiving an Aromatherapy massage, the essential oils enter the physical body in two ways – through the nose as we inhale and through the skin during the massage. During an Aromatherapy massage, as we inhale the aroma of the oils through the nose, the olfactory nerve receptors, under the roof of the nasal cavity, carry the scent molecules directly to the brain. These scent molecules impact mostly the amygdala, (which is the part of the brain that processes our emotions). Here we see immediately the connection to healing the whole being. Our ‘emotional body’ plays a key role in our holistic healing, in both the release and the recovery stages.

The massage

As we indulge in an Aromatherapy massage allowing the ‘aroma’ of these oils to assist in our relaxation and release, the blend of carrier oil and essential oil is being massaged into the skin. The essential oil molecules pass through the skin membrane where the capillaries carry them into your bloodstream.

As you now will appreciate an Aromatherapy massage has a ‘double dip’ effect of, the immediate impact through the inhalation of aromatherapy, or essential oils, and a time-release effect as they pass through the skin into the bloodstream.

Aromatherapy Massage – a blissful, healing, and gentle journey to release and peace.