Aromatherapy and the de Mousgraffe Method of Healing

Aromatherapy and the de Mousgraffe Method of Healing

Aromatherapy is a wonderful modality that can be used alongside other healing modalities. The de Mousgraffe Method of Healing is one modality that incorporates the practise of Aromatherapy.

The aromatherapy oils used are blended at the appointment in a combination that meets the client’s needs. The client has as much input into the selection of aromatherapy oils used as they are comfortable with.

The de Mousgraffe Method of Healing draws from many other modalities that are used in a combination that works best for the individual needs of their client. Aromatherapy is always included on some level with massage unless the client specifically asks that just a carrier oil be used with no added essential oils.

Aromatherapy is one of the modalities that support clients to relax and in doing this, the release of tension in the body is inevitable. It is quite common for clients to feel the muscles in their body physically relax once they ‘smell’ the aromatherapy oils. The next sense of relaxation and release is from the touch of the massage and the aromatherapy oils working on the muscles of the body. Immediately we have engaged two modalities that work together which is “powering up” the body’s systems to “gear down”, “slow down”, “offload”, “let go”, and “release”.

We notice the body feeling more relaxed, we feel calm, our breathing becomes slower and deeper and because we have now engaged the parasympathetic nervous system, the heart rate slows. The body is moving away from more rapid breathing, higher heart rate, tense muscles, and away from the sympathetic nervous system responses.

The de Mousgraffe Method of Healing also incorporates other healing modalities to work alongside massage and aromatherapy.

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